John Reynolds started his creative career as an independent videographer and web designer eight years ago. He setup a business for himself doing contract work for all things in the digital creative realm including videos, websites, promotional materials such as brochures and emails, as well as animated motion graphics. Over time, his passion grew to include photography as well.

John enjoys taking his camera to the outdoors and tries to capture the natural beauty our planet offers us. He especially likes taking photos that make people pause for a minute to reflect on said beauty. As an outdoor enthusiast, John lugs his camera gear on all his adventures which has allowed him to capture all kinds of imagery. Some of his favorite locations have been island paradises in Thailand, misty tea plantations in the mountains of India, snowy peaks in northern Utah’s ski resorts, and the silent desert landscapes of southern Utah and Arizona. While not as exhilarating as outdoor photography, John has done product photography as well.

John spends most of his weekdays working in the office on web projects, and his weekends outdoors with his family (and camera).